[VIDEOS] G-Dragon Live on Weekly Idol Episode 1 & 2! (131211)

| Wednesday, December 11

  • EpisodeONE (Subbed):~
  •   EpisodeTWO (Non-Subbed):~

Live Translation of G-DRAGON on Weekly Idol EP2:~

  • GD says his favorite body feature is now his face shape lol
  • GD's profile on weekly idol:~
  • GD chose his brown eyes as one of his charming points
  • GD is talking to the phone with Lee Joon from MBLAQ because he chose GD as his ideal type lol
  • GD also promised to return to Weekly Idol with Bigbang members and appear as OT5!! OMGGG (cr.bestidolone)
  • GD doing Kiyomi player with Dony SO CUTEEEE HAHA
  • GD talking about his global connections
  • JHD: Do you have anyone that u want to introduce to me? GD: No, because you should look only at me
  • I try to treat my lover right in a relationship even in little things *suddenly ties Dony's shoes*
  • Fan: Oppa, Serenade Dony! HD: what song reminds u of me? GD: Run horse (the lyrics say "Shut up" a lot lol)
  • Fan: Tell us something praiseworthy about yourself 
  • GD: Nothing much but all I can say is that... I am G-DRAGON 
  • GD: Maybe Lee Joon likes me because my eyes go like this when I smile 
  • JHD: you know it~
NOTE: Stay with us for more updates!^o^

Source: WeeklyIdol//@OfficialMwave//@Vineo1223 + Live Trans by @bigbanggvip


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