[VIDEO] 2PM's Chansung calls Seungri on 'Quiz to Change the World' "SUBBED'! (110403)

| Sunday, April 3

ChanSung from 2PM is very close to SeungRi, since they are the same age (born in 1990) SeungRi befriended him right after 2PM debut haha... Since he finally found a guy idol that is the same age as him.ChanSung called and played a game with SeungRi all of the
sudden and SeungRi did a really good job, the MC talked to him afterward and at the count of 3, he kept promoting "Tonight" hahaha... Last time SeungRi was on this show is when he was 19, now he's 22 (Korean age) he said that although ChanSung is the same age as him, he couldn't help but think of ChanSung as a hyung instead because of his appearance.
p/s: Omg! I love both of them, When maknaes meet each other it means  HottestVIP!...keke~~

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