[PHOTOS] G-Dragon with his New Tattoo on the set of “Oh Yeah” Japanese MV! (110928)

| Sunday, November 20
Another photo of GD on the set of “Oh Yeah” Japanese MV & more photos below...

Close Up of G-Dragon's Dragon Ball tattoo!
the image
Recent photos of GD&TOP have been circulating the internet, and fans are wondering what they’re all about.
In the first set of photos, TOP is seen shyly posing with two lovely young ladies. He is sporting a casual look and being the heartthrob that he is, his signature smile melted the hearts of many fans with this recent photo update.
The second set of photos featured G-Dragon, posing with not two, but three gorgeous ladies. G-Dragon is seen making playful expressions with the girls, and they seem all seem to be quite close with each other. Additionally, a new tattoo was spotted under G-Dragon’s left shoulder. The tattoo appears to be a Dragon Ball from the famous Japanese manga and anime series by Akira Toriyama.
Fans are speculating that these photos were taken on the set of GD&TOP’s upcoming Japanese “Oh Yeah” MV, but others are saying that the girls are actually members of YG‘s upcoming girl group who are set to debut sometime next year. What do you guys think?
P/S:: There also got rumors says that he might got 3 tattoos, So he might reveals another new tattoo after this^^

Source: DCGD//Baidu//via 6theory+Soompi
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