[NEWS] Big Bang's Alive Tour in Japan + Additional Tour Dates & Tickets Information! (120402)

| Monday, April 2
How to buy tickets for BIGBANG's Alive Tour in Japan?

The first round of pre-sale or lottery for official VIP Japan members is already over. The second round for fanclub members starts today (until APRIL 9) and public selling will begin on APRIL 28. Where to buy tickets:
The sites are in Japanese but since Lawson and E-plus are popular/major ticket sellers, there are already some tutorials available online for foreigners:
If you find the tutorials above a bit complicated, there are websites that can buy tickets for you with a service fee:
If you have tips/experience in buying tickets for concerts in Japan, feel free to share and leave a comment below. Thanks and hope this post helps a bit!

Additional Tour Dates
(Announced today, April 2nd)

May 17: Aichi Prefecture (Nippon Gaishi Hall)

May 18: Aichi Prefecture (Nippon Gaishi Hall)

May 25: Yokohama (Yokohama Arena) - update

May 26: Yokohama (Yokohama Arena)
May 27: Yokohama (Yokohama Arena)

May 31: Osaka (Osaka-jo Hall) - update

June 1: Osaka (Osaka-jo Hall)
June 2: Osaka (Osaka-jo Hall)
June 3: Osaka (Osaka-jo Hall) - update

June 16: Saitama (Saitama Arena)

June 17: Saitama (Saitama Arena)

June 23: Fukuoka (Marine Messe)

June 24: Fukuoka (Marine Messe)

Source: Vic + Tisya via BBU


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