[NEWS] Comedian Shin Bora takes a dig at SHINee, CNBLUE, & Big Bang on "Gag Concert"! (120402)

| Monday, April 2
On the April 1st episode of "Gag Concert," comedian Shin Bora took to the stage in a skit titled "Brave Boys and Girls," where she made a reference to SHINee, CNBLUE, and Big Bang.

In the skit, she said, "I'll show you how brave I am. SHINee, CNBLUE, Big Bang, listen up. We got number one on music charts," inciting waves of laughter from the audience.

She then added, "Of course, it was only for a single day." Their song "Confess" is available for purchase.
Meanwhile, Shin Bora has also been making waves for her outstanding vocal talent. She recently recorded a song for the movie "Joseon Detective." The song, set against an orchestra performance, was played in the closing scene of the movie.

Because the identity of the singer was not disclosed from the start, many viewers were left wondering who the mysterious singer was. It wasn't till the OST went on sale on March 25th that viewers found out it was Shin Bora.

She said, "It was a new experience. It was both exciting and touching. I'm thankful to the production team, who gave me the chance to take part in this."
Big Bang Hwaiting~^o^

Source: Hankyung and TV Daily//Via: @koreaboo


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