[NEWS] Did G-Dragon copy his seaweed hair from Skrillex? (120410)

| Tuesday, April 10
Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News will be rummaging through K-Pop concepts to guess where they’ve been spotted before on other people.

The April 9 broadcast of Wide Entertainment News will show how G-Dragon’s shocking ‘seaweed hair’ may have been inspired by the American producer and disc jockey Skrillex through its Unlock section.

Their hairdos do seem to resemble each other’s as they both have their hair gathered on one side of their head, but the difference is that Skrillex’s hair looks more lush and curly while G-Dragon’s looks like it’ll blow any way the wind blows. (Aside from the fact that it’s all frosty and frozen in the teaser photo.) Does anyone want to see G-Dragon’s hair take on a more fluffy texture too?
The show will also compare the spy concept of Hyuna in the Trouble Maker music video with that of Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback, the music video of Brown Eyed Girls’ Sixth Sense with Beyonce’s Single Ladies music video, and Rainbow Pixie’s Hoi Hoi, TVXQ’s Mirotic and SHINee’s Juliette with popular global stars, films, magazines, building shapes and animations.

The day’s broadcast will continue with more comparisons by pitching 4Minute’s sexy teasers with SISTAR’s.
Ermm, what do you think?^o^

Source: Enewsworld
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