[NEWS] GD&TOP, SNSD & Miss A to have collaboration stages with 'Kpop Star' Top 3 (120418)

| Wednesday, April 18

A dream-like stage will be put on for SBS "K-Pop Star", which is now at the top 3, Park Jimin, Baek Ahyeon, and Lee Hayi. Top Korean stars G-Dragon and TOP, Girl's Generation, and Miss A will be collaborating with the three contestants.

On the 18th, a representative revealed to Star News that G-Dragon and TOP will be performing on the K-Pop Star episode to be aired on the 22nd for a collaborative stage.

Girl's Generation, who is talked about every day even though they are not currently promoting, will also be collaborating with one contestant.

miss A, who released title song "Touch" with their new mini album in February, is also planned to perform that day.

People are interested because GD&TOP, Girl's Generation, and miss A are not only featured on the show, but are actually performing on this audition program. This show is continuously pleasing kpop fans, as the top 3, Park Jimin, Baek Ahyeon, and Lee Hayi are rising to fame.

GD&TOP are under YG Entertainment with judge Yang Hyunsuk, Girl's Generation is under SM Entertainment with judge BoA, and Miss A is under JYP Entertainment with judge Park Jinyoung.

However, it has yet to be decided who GD&TOP, Girl's Generation, and miss A are collaborating with on "K-Pop Star".

Star News was told that "all will be revealed once decided", in terms of the collaboration stages.
The Top 3 contestants are so lucky ^o^
 Source: Star MT// trans @kristinekwak
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