[NEWS] T.O.P reveals his past dating experiences! (120404)

| Wednesday, April 4
Big Bang‘s T.O.P revealed his dating experiences on the April 3rd broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ ‘YG Family Special‘.

For the ‘YG X-File’ corner, Boom and Yang Se Hyung revealed the secrets of the YG stars.
Trying to dig through T.O.P’s secrets, the two asked him, “Do you have any dating experiences?“, to which T.O.P replied, “Until now, I have only dated 3 people. I’m not dating anyone right now.”

Boom asked another question, “Does that mean you broke up?“, to which T.O.P replied with, “Of course I broke up.”
Wonder who's his girlfriend before?^^

Source: TV Daily via Nate / Akp
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