[VIDEO] BIGBANG on TV Asahi's 'Onegai! Ranking' SUBBED! (120504)

| Monday, May 7
Big Bang‘s ideal type is becoming a hot topic of conversation amongst netizens.
Big Bang been filmed for TV Asahi‘s hit variety program ‘Onegai! Ranking‘. They guest-featured alongside actresses Nagasawa Masami, and Oshima Mai, as well as comedienne Watanabe Naomi.
After the boys were praised for their impressive “Fantastic Baby” stage performance, the members were asked which of the three female guests came close to their ideal types.

The audience members assumed that the boys would choose one of the beautiful actresses on set, but Big Bang surprised everyone by selecting comedienne Watanabe Naomi.

The others on set with Big Bang could not believe their ears, and continued to ask the members if they were truly being honest.

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