[NEWS] Big Bang & Wonder Girls to make their comebacks together! (120525)

| Friday, May 25
It has been announced that two hallyu groups, Big Bang and the Wonder Girls, are making their comebacks on the same day.

As previously reported, Wonder Girls will be coming back on June 3rd with their mini album after 6 months since the release of hit song, “Be My Baby“. Anticipation is rising as they are also getting ready for their solo concert along with their mini album.
In addition, Big Bang has unveiled their plans to reveal a new music project with Hyundai Card on the same day along with the drop of their 'special edition album ‘Still Alive' online, which will be followed by a physical album release on the 6th. Its title song, “Monster“, written and co-produced by G-Dragon, is highly anticipated by the fans.

With two major artists from two major entertainment labels going up against one another, fans are interested in seeing what the outcome will be like as the heads of the company, J.Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk have been featured as rivals lately on shows like ‘K-Pop Star‘ and ‘Healing Camp‘.

Big Bang hwaiting^o^

Source: Naver//Via Akp


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