[NEWS] A Comparison of YG's Accommodations: "Shabby Big Bang VS Wealthy 2NE1"! (120501)

| Tuesday, May 1

A comparison of YG Entertainment’s idol groups' accommodation has been a hot topic.

Recently, an online community board posted an article entitled “When you can’t live on YG” which was posted with an eye-catching photo comparison. On the photo, the boys of Big Bang were captured staying in a grubby and narrow dorm.

On the other hand, the girls of 2NE1 who are living in a house in which they are equipped with latest electronic products & pleasant environment caught the attention of netizens.

Various comments started popping out such as “I’m sure Big Bang’s sleeping with the rats before” , “Thanks to Big Bang, 2NE1 became big-time.”

Note: BIGBANG members aren't living in this "shabby" dorm anymore. This was during their rookie and trainee years.
Source: trans by ilove2NE1girls@2NE1GLOBAL
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