[NEWS] Taeyang's Interview on Asiae! (120514)

| Monday, May 14
Q: Korean promotions are over. You did a year’s worth of work in three months, how do you feel?
TY: It was busy, but it felt like a new start so I liked it. I think working like this without rest was tiring before. But this time as much as I was busy, I was more mature and since we released the album after hardships, I rarely thought of it as tiring. I also had confidence in the album itself.

Q: Like you said, Big Bang’s promotions this time around were like a new start. There were reactions from Asia of course, but also the US and Europe. You won at the MTV EMAs, and the album ranked on the Billboard charts without promotions.
TY: I’m very thankful for this, but on one side it feels natural. Personally, these things were part of the picture I had in my had.

Q: You expected this?
TY: I’m not saying I thought about how successful we would be. It’s more of the mindset that I had. I felt a lot of things through experiences and while preparing for the album. My members felt even more important, and I felt that we could do anything with the right mindset and confidence. While promoting, I pictured in my head what type of things we were going to do.

Q: Was working and meeting overseas musicians part of this picture? Big Bang is now able to work with musicians like Underdogs and Diplo.
TY: It’s really shocking and happy that producers that we look up to are working with us now. I always pictured this in my mind. I’ve always waned this to happen and I had a feeling that it could happen. Meeting Queen’s guitarist Brian May at the MTV EMAs was a huge inspiration. I had been listening to Queen often during that time, and after meeting him I listened to it even more. I also was greatly influenced by Queen’s Freddy Mercury’ through that. Does it not match at all? (laughter)

Q: Honestly, it doesn’t. (Laughter)
TY: Not in terms of vocalizing, but the freedom with attitude and the manner of singing. Before, I would think a lot before doing things unrelated to music, and there were sides of me that I didn’t want to show. But now I think I’ve changed a lot.

Q: These changes are visible to the public. Now you spontaneously dance on variety programs, and the Taeyang hugging IU was one we couldn’t see before.
TY: People may think that the me today is unfamiliar. But this is really me. I wouldn’t be like this if I wanted a perfect image as a celebrity. But now I know I’ve really wanted to be a free spirit.
Q: Maybe that’s why you’re so dynamic on stage these days. The moves before seemed more restrained, but you look excited for “Fantastic baby.”
TY: We used to pay close attention to how to sing with each move and how to not lose my breath. Because that is how I wanted to perform on my own. But now I just think that I need to have good energy while performing. Previously, I would go to the bathroom and focus for ten minutes before going on stage. There were a lot of things to get straight. But now I just listen to the music I like with my speakers. I throw away my all thoughts and only keep my instinct.

“In the end my music’s strength is just energy, despite the genre.”

Q: You focused on every detail during your solo promotions two years ago. And on stage you showed your precise work. But this time there is remarkable improvisation.
TY: I think it’s a habit I’ve had. I think I focused too hard on the direction I pictured for myself. I sought perfection for both the music and the performances. But the ocean of music is so wide. I foolishly tried to find the perfect answer. I now know that I’m too young to be paying attention to every little detail. Of course, this process allowed me to discover more about music, but I found the way I want to be as time passed.

Q: What triggered that?
TY: Nothing specifically, but a trip we had last year influenced me. Last year, I was frustrated so I went to LA without having planned it, and I visited Chris Brown’s studio with Teddy. I was inspired from watching them produce. There’s a lot of good music in Korea, but without choice, we focus on the public. But they didn’t have worries like this and I felt like they enjoyed themselves while making music. From doing this, they could make 100 songs while producing one album. Usually, we don’t even continue songs that we think will not be that good from the start, but they finish those ones as well. Whether you like it or not, you show your emotions as they are while recording. From watching this, I thought to myself that this is how to make music. Even though I did music because I like it, I think I was more worrisome than happy.

Q: Would “Only Look at Me” be really different in a band version?
TY: I feel shy saying this, but I think “Only Look at Me” is such a good song that it’s surprising that it’s my own. (Laughter) Every time I sing it, I think that it’s a good song. I think I was very young when I first sand it. It was hard to take in the song, and I was unable to immerse myself into the song. I think I can now sing it with a deeper understanding.

Q: What would it be like to see the Taeyang of six years ago.
TY: Whenever I look at my past, I think I looked a little foolish. (Laughter) Even though it’s odd to say it myself (laughter) I think I was very naive then. I can tell.

Q: Last question. What is Big Bang to Taeyang.
TY: Whenever I’m asked about Big Bang, I say “Big Bang is Big Bang.” I think this is right. No matter how people look at us, we’re us.” Of course, people could stop being interested in us and our popularity can disappear. But I’m not afraid of that. It’s okay if something happens and we’re unable to be on a big stage. Making music is fun when the five of us are together, since we all like music. No matter where we are, what we do, I’m thankful for just being together. That’s why there’s nothing to fear. I think it’ll be like this in the future, too.
Nice to read his interview^o^

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