[NEWS] Taeyang's New Profile Picture + Twitter's Update + Birthday Greetings from friends! (120519)

| Saturday, May 19
Translation: Whoa.. Having a concert during my birthday is such a blessing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ So happy and pleased.. Can't sleep ㅠㅠ

Big Bang's trainer, Hwang Ssabu, tweeted the same thing with a photo of the crowd at the concert:
View of the audience during Blue, tweeted by the Big Bang's drummer, Bennie:

Birthday Greetings~
Translation: Kid Dong, Happy Birthday!!^^Though absent in body, I'm always with you in spirit~~"
 Also read Se7en and Hwang Ssabu's birthday greeting to our TeyDaddy ^o^

Source: @Realtaeyang//@Hwangssabu//@WhosBennie//@MINAKWON//@dollbae14//@iamboomkack//@Choice37//@JAYBUMAOM//trans by @lucywinslet
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