[NEWS] T.O.P selected by netizens as the #1 idol star to best play role in action film! (120516)

| Wednesday, May 16
Big Bang‘s T.O.P has been selected as the #1 idol ‘action’ star.

On May 9th, a Korean portal site put up a poll asking netizens which idol star they thought would be able to emulate actor Henry Cavill from the action thriller film ‘Cold Light Of Day‘,

T.O.P led the poll by a landslide, earning 67% of the votes. Not only has T.O.P displayed his impressive rap talent with each Big Bang release, he has also displayed his charismatic acting abilities playing the role of an assassin in the hit drama series ‘IRIS‘, as well as a student soldier in the movie, ‘Into The Fire‘.
Anticipation is rising for the rapper who has recently been confirmed for a role in upcoming action-film ‘Alumnus‘, where he will be displaying his ‘action movie’ acting abilities.

Trailing behind T.O.P was 2PM‘s Taecyeon who seized the #2 spot with 29% of the votes, while 2AM‘s Jinwoon came in 3rd place.

‘Cold Light of Day’ is scheduled to hit theaters on May 17th.
TOP, hwaiting^o^

Source: TVDaily//Nate + Akp


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