[NEWS] Yang Hyun Suk on Healing Camp: Big Bang-related Articles! (120522)

| Tuesday, May 22

Yang Hyun Suk clarifies rumors about the company (YGE) intervening with G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal, “We don’t have that kind of ability.”

Yang Hyun Suk has directly and openly clarified the rumors behind his entertainment company intervening and ‘covering-up’ G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal.

On the May 21st episode of SBS ‘Healing Camp, Are You Not Happy’, MC Kim Jaedong brought up the following statement, “There are rumors that the news about G-Dragon’s marijuana case was released late because the company had tried to cover it up and push it back.”

Yang Hyun Suk then stated his mortification, “I think people have been overestimating the man that I am, the man named Yang Hyun Suk. It is far beyond my capabilities to even try something like that. If it was something I had experienced before, I may have tried to stop it, but with what ability could I have covered up such a huge case that the whole media and public was wildly focusing on?”

He added, “If I had tried to cover it up, a bigger damage would have been done. You can never cover the sky with your hand.”

MC Lee Kyungkyu created a riot of laughter among the set when he added, “I never even assumed he could be capable in the first place.”

Yang Hyun Suk, “After the Big Bang incidents, G-Dragon was the only one I scolded the most.”
Yang Hyun Suk revealed that after the incidents involving Big Bang had been blown out, the only person he scolded the most was G-Dragon.

On the May 21st episode of SBS ‘Healing Camp, Are You Not Happy’, Yang Hyun Suk was asked a question regarding the scandals and incidents involving Big Bang. When asked, “After the Big Bang incidents (car accident and marijuana scandal), what words have you passed onto Daesung and G-Dragon?” Yang Hyun Suk answered, “I was in a very iffy position to be saying things to Daesung. I was in no position to be the one scolding him.”

Yang Hyun Suk continued, “I did not scold Daesung, however, I did scold G-Dragon a lot. I said to him, ‘Think of all the people who have become upset, disappointed, and hurt all because of that one action you took’ and harshly scolded him.”

Yang Hyun Suk, the truth about the YG Building? “Not the company’s building, but my own… Real estate, thanks to Kimchi Soup.”

On this day’s very episode, Yang Hyun Suk revealed the truth about the YG building. He stated that, “The YG building was not purchased with the company’s money. I bought it with my own personal savings.” He added, “It’s hard to buy a different building with the company’s money when there are a lot of other important places to spend it on.”

Yang Hyun Suk continued on, “One day, without even thinking, I had walked into the very first real estate office that caught my eye in Hongdae. I asked them if there was any way I could buy property (land, building) without even having much to offer. And ever since that day for the past 8 years, there hasn’t been a single day, except for Sundays, that I haven’t gone to that real estate office. I went to that office every single day to learn about new ways and information to purchase a new building, eating only kimchi soup that costs 3,500 WON (approximately $3.50 USD) for 6 years straight.”

Accordingly, Yang Hyun Suk concluded with much gratitude, “The man at that real estate office was very helpful and eventually, he helped guide me through an auction that lead me to purchasing the current YG building.”
Aww, Yang sajangnim~ don't scold uri leader anymore, please ^o^

Source: Nate//trans by swaggalevel-1000@tumblr
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