[NEWS/PHOTOS] Big Bang Interview on Ray Magazine Japan! (120523)

| Thursday, May 24

>> Daesung <<
Q: How do you sleep?
Dae: Sometimes I wear pajama, but usually I only wear pants. Even during winter, I keep myself warm with blanket while wearing nothing and go to bed.

Q: What will you do if you have 3 billion?

Dae: I’ll make a plan to travel around the world with cruise, plane, train, etc.

Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?

Dae: SOL. He’s hardworking and kind too (from girls’ perspective).

Q: What things are you addicted to?

Dae: BIGBANG. There were many things happened last year, so I want to focus on doing what I couldn’t do last year.

>> TOP <<
Q: What will you do if you have 3 billion?

TOP: I’ll give the money to my parents

Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?

TOP: From girls’ points of views, every member has their own good and bad points and I’m sure our magazine readers also have their own taste too.

Q: How do you sleep?

TOP: In pajama.

Q: What kind of person is SOL?

TOP: Sometimes he’s like a kid. He’s honest and always feels lonely too.

Q: What is your ideal date during summer?

TOP: I want to spend my time with my girlfriend in a place where there’s no one else. If I can spend time with just the two of us, it’s already enough for me.

>> SOL <<
Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
SOL: Nobody! *laugh*

Q: How do you sleep?

SOL: I used to wear pajama but now I only wear pants.

Q: What will you do if you won 3 billion lottery?

SOL: I’ll buy a mansion. But if it really happened, I’ll give the money to my parents. I don’t like money.

>> G-Dragon <<
Q: How do you sleep?
GD: I take off all of my clothes. Just kidding. I wear pants only.

Q: What will you do if you won 3 billion lottery?
GD: I’ll give it to V.I. I believe he’ll start business and gain a lot profits. I’ll ask my money from him after that

Q: What kind of person is V.I?
GD: He’s our youngest brother, but really hyperactive. Kinda scary!

Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?

GD: D-LITE. He’s awesome.

>> V.I <<
Q: What kind of person is D-LITE?
VI: He’s cheerful and our mood-maker. He’s hardworking too. Even when we have busy schedules, he will wake up early to read newspaper or books. He’s smart!

  Seungri & G-Dragon's Q&A in Ray Magazine 

Q: If I got depressed after breaking up with my other half, what BIGBANG song should I listen to?
Seungri: Tell Me Goodbye. The song is very carefree and I like that the meaning of “understood, enough” could translate to “goodbye” (laughs).

GD: Love Dust (in Alive album). Actually the lyrics talk about that kind of scenario. I think it’s a song that will give energy to those who fell out of love.

Q: Any Korean dramas or movies that you recommend?
Seungri: Secret Garden - a drama that talks about how a male and female switch roles. It’s very interesting. Our parody of it is already included in the DVD - please watch it!

GD: There’s a lot but I would still recommend Queen Seon Deok. Go Hyun Jung played the evil role in the drama and I loved the drama a lot after watching it.

Q: What is V.I like?
GD: Even though he’s the maknae but he’s very hyper, kind of scary (laughs).

Q: What do you wear when you go to sleep?
V.I: I only wear the bottom part….don’t think anything weird (laughs).

GD: I take it all off….just kidding (laughs). Well, for example just my underwear because I want to feel relaxed when I sleep.

Q: What would you do if you won 300 million yen from the lottery?
V.I: I’ll give 100 million to my parents and donate 200 million to the people affected by the earthquake.

GD: I’ll give it to V.I. I believe he will use it to invest in some sort of business and gain a lot more profit from it (laughs).

Q: A summer style you like/want girls to wear.
V.I: Reveal as much as possible but then if you reveal too much it’s not sexy anymore. I think see through material items are quite nice; the ones that kind of half show half hide (your skin)…that would make me interested.

GD: T-shirt & jeans. For shoes, I think wearing Converse would be nice. There’s even a song in Korea that praises girls that wear jeans. I admire girls who mix and match different styles.

Q: BIGBANG member that would be an ideal boyfriend?
V.I: G-dragon san. He will surprise you a lot, make a song for you and even cook for his girlfriend.

GD: D-Lite. D-Lite is awesome.

Q: How do you achieve your dream?
V.I: My English name is Victory, Korean name is Seungri which means to win. “Winning” has an opposite meaning though; if you find that your dream is getting further away from your original goal, then it’s important you change your dream into something else.

GD: If I talk about dreams, then I always feel that it’s better to have a big dream because the dream will always be achieved. Don’t have a small dream. It’s important to think and decide what your dream is every single day.
They looks pretty funny, kekeke~^o^

Source: @cheri_big//Rough Trans by @0401rurutic//唯权志龙 & BIGBANG’s Fan Club//Trans by jwalkervip@tumblr


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