[NEWS] 'BIG' Actor Shin Won Ho was G-Dragon's Man? (120627)

| Wednesday, June 27

Currently gaining popularity for his role as Kang Kyung Joon on KBS’ Big, Shin Won Ho gave another reason for fans to be interested in him.

Recently on an online community forum, a post titled, ‘Shin Won Ho’s 1000 Faces’ was uploaded. The post showed different screen caps of Shin Won Ho’s past days as a commercial star
Shin Won Ho was revealed to be the young man who G-Dragon helps dress in a past Bean Pole commercial, earning him the new nickname of ‘G-Dragon’s Man.’
Aside from Bean Pole, Shin Won Ho has been featured in commercials for Cyworld, KT Olleh, Auctio, Dukin Donuts, Skinfood and many other well-known brands.

Shin Won Ho also won the CF Model Award at the 7th Annual Asia Model Awards, which Kim Soo Hyun also won the previous year.

Netizens have since commented, “Shin Won Ho is bound to become a huge star,” “I can’t believe Kang Kyung Joon is G-Dragon’s Man,” and “I hope we see more commercials of him!”

Shin Won Ho is currently acting in Big as well as performing in the new idol group, Cross Gene, under the name of ‘Shin.’

Check out the commercial:
G-Dragon's Man? ^^

Source : @enewsworld


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