[NEWS] Big Bang’s “Re-Monster” getting negative responses from Indie Bands! (120607)

| Thursday, June 7
As revealed on June 5, Big Bang and Hyundai Card announced a new project where they asked indie bands to create a reinterpretation of Big Bang’s newest hit Monster.

The winner of the contest would be able to produce a digital album with YG Entertainment, as well as use the new music distribution program made by Hyundai Card for indie bands to independently manage the profit of their music.

While the initiative of the collaborative project was thought to be a good way for indie bands to get their names known in the music industry, the response from these bands haven’t been so positive.

Various indie band companies have been criticizing this project, saying it is a plan created by a large firm, who do not understand the indie musicians who are playing for the love of music.

One company executive said, “I don’t know how great this Monster song is, but I don’t understand their motives when they say, ‘hey, remake this song, and we’ll give you money.’”

They also added, “It would be better for the company to support the indie musicians and their self-composed songs.”

Aside from negative responses, some indie bands showed interest in participating in the competition, leaving the success of this large-scale project open-ended.

No matter what their album was really awesome!^o^

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