[NEWS] Graduation Season is Over, Which Schools Have The Most Celebrities? (120625)

| Monday, June 25
It’s the end of June, and for those of you in the U.S., that means graduation season is almost over.

In Korea, however, school year starts in March and graduation season doesn’t come until the end of February. Most college students in Korea are facing final exams now, and it’s no exception for all the K-Pop stars enrolled in Korean colleges.

Unfortunately, many of these celebrities are unable to attend classes regularly due to their busy schedules, and thus have a hard time passing their classes.

But one thing these stars do for sure is that they give free publicity and build a friendlier image for the school – giving significant and immeasurable exposure home and abroad.

In this article, we’ll go over colleges with the most star power. We hope this gives you a better idea of which school to go to (in case you’re considering a college program in Korea), and hopefully, you’ll get a chance to sit in the same classroom with your favorite star!

Daejin University
Dae Jin University isn’t an academically prominent school, but their theater program is slowly making its name known around the country. Starting from Big Bang’s Taeyang, Dae Jin has accepted 2AM’s Seulong and Jinwoon to its theater program, whose early graduates include MBC “Infinity Challenge’s” Haha. All of them have expressed interest in further promoting the school, as they are heavily featured in the school’s brochures and booklets.

Dan Kook University
Despite being located outside of Seoul, Dankook University has been able to attract a lot of top class celebrities. Headed by Big Bang’s T.O.P, 2PM’s Taecyeon, and Jay Park, Dankook perhaps has the sexiest male star line up. T.O.P and Taecyeon particularly have been spotted several times at school, making it a must-visit place for all the fan girls.

Joong Ang University
Alongside Dong Guk University, Joong Ang Univeristy has the nation’s top 2 theater programs. That’s probably why Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Yuri decided to join this school in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Big Bang’s Seungri also started his freshman year in 2010, although he transferred to an online college the following year. Kim Bum, Shin Se Kyung, and f(x)’s Luna are also part of this star-studded program.

Kyunghee University
Kyunghee University doesn’t have a strong theater program, but its Post-Modern Music major has been one of the fastest growing programs in the country. Just to name a few celebrities that are or have been part of the Post-Modern Music program so far: Rain, JYJ’s Yoochun, DBSK’s Changmin, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Daesung, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, FT Island’s Hongki, Kara’s Han Seung Yeon, Hyori, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung, and the list goes on…

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This university such a heaven for any fangirls ^o^

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