[NEWS] Kim Hyo Joo confesses about her crush on Big Bang’s T.O.P! (120613)

| Wednesday, June 13
17-year-old amateur golfer, Kim Hyo Joo, confesses about her crush on Big Bang’s TOP.

Kim Hyo Joo (South Korea), the youngest amateur golfer to ever win the Japan LPGA Tour, revealed on YTN‘News And Issue - Issue And People’ that she likes rapper TOP from Big Bang, actor Kim Soo Hyun, and artist Rain. She stated that, “I especially like Big Bang’s TOP.”

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Kim later signed an autograph for the YTN crew and staff, which revealed the word “TOP” written inside of it (as seen in the above photo). When asked what the “TOP” stood for, Kim replied, “It has to do with me liking Big Bang’s TOP and it also serves as a reminder that I would like to become the ‘TOP’ of the golfing world.

Irrelevant information omitted

Every girls will get crush on him.. keke~ ^o^

Source: TVReport//Translated by @swanggalevel-1000


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