[NEWS] The Secret Behind Big Bang Taeyang's Hairstyle in 'Monster' (120606)

| Wednesday, June 6

Idol group Big Bang Taeyang's new hairstyle has received divergent opinions.

An online community on June 5 shared a post titled 'Taeyang's shocking hairstyle that will even send Dara Park back home.’ The post included several pictures from Big Bang’s music video of new song 'Monster', capturing Taeyang's new hairstyle. Taeyang's new hairstyle resembled round horns of an animal, catching much attention.

Internet users who saw Taeyang’s hairstyle commented, "It reminds me to be the head of a lamb that represents the devil, but I'm not quite sure what it's supposed to symbolize,” and “I thought it was a parody of Mickey Mouse.”

A representative from Big Bang's agency shared, "Big Bang's concept this time is 'Monster.’ Each five members in the music video transformed into monsters. Taeyang's hairstyle is supposed to resemble that of a monster."
Mickey mouse's hairstyle so funny >o<

Source: Kpopstarz


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