[NEWS] VIXX’s Ravi Confessed His Love & Respect to Taeyang! (120622)

| Friday, June 22

Male idol group VIXX’s Ravi, who has done a shocking confession, draws attention.

On June 19th, Ravi was praised by the senior singer, Park Hyo-Sin, when he appeared on MBC “Music Show Champion”.

MC Kim Sin-Young introduced VIXX’s rapper, Ravi, as “someone who gained praise from Park Hyo-Sin”. 
In addition, Park Hyo-Sin complimented his stage, “If you are trained well, you will be more than Big Bang’s Taeyang.”

MC Sin-Dong then asked Ravi to send video message to Taeyang, and as what other Taeyang’s fans usually say, Ravi said, “I love and respect you, Sunbae,” drawing laughter with his answer.

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Aww that's so sweet^^

Source: Herald News via bigbangforlife@tmblr
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