[NEWS] What style does G-Dragon like the most? (120610)

| Sunday, June 10
G-Dragon of Bigbang, which style do you like most?

G-Dragon is a singer, producer, leader of Bigbang and undisputed fashionista. I’m wondering if he has his favorite style.

His name has always been on survey which selected fashionista in Korea. He has received the attention of fashion people because he has always dressed appropriately at the stages and personal situations.

In Bigbang’s 5th mini album, he showed us his long and colorful bangs and that shocked (Good meaning) people. G-Dragon turned this style that the others can’t fit into his own style and attraction. After this, many comedians and singers parodied this hair style at the show and concerts.

Not long after he showed long-colorful bangs, he showed vibrant red hair in Monster MV and it reminded us of the devil (Because he got red horn and looked like devil on this MV). Besides, he also showed blonde hair which covered his eyes so he showed mysterious appeal too.

Like this, his styles have never let us down. He has always had appropriate dress code and showed us. He is a master of change. After 6 years of debut, he has showed dozens of hair styles and fashions. And there is the most attached style to him.

G-Dragon said to OSEN(Publishing company) that “I think the best style for me is the blonde at Heartbreaker which is my 1st solo album.” through one of YG staffs.

G-Dragon said “This was the 1st time to be blonde and it became a big issue(Good meaning). I like blonde because there are a lot of style which can make with blonde. At that time, I needed another style which was different from GD in Bigbang because it’s my 1st solo album. So I made my style with many items from Europe and Japan. Personally, I have an attachment to blonde and blonde is memorable hair style to me.”

Meanwhile, Bigbang released STILL ALIVE album in Korea on June 3th and they are taking music charts by storm without any promotion. Now they are doing world tour in Japan with 255000 people.

He's such a Fashionista! i love his hair now, & how about you guys?^o^

Source: @Nate + Translated by @lucywinslet


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