[NEWS] Wonder Girls, “We’re happy to go head-to-head with Big Bang” (120620)

| Wednesday, June 20

Wonder Girls gave their thoughts on competing against Big Bang on the charts.

The Wonder Girls released a new mini-album, Wonder Party, on June 3 with “Like This” as its lead track. On the same day, Big Bang also released a special album, Still Alive. The rivalry between two groups are receiving favorable reviews.

At an interview with news reporters on June 19, the Wonder Girls said, “It must be a lie if we say we didn’t care about Big Bang’s new album, which was released on the same day and time with ours. But we’re happy because we’re friendly rivals. It’s our first time to go head-to-head with Big Bang. There were a few times we promoted our albums on the same period of time, but this time, we released our new albums on the same day and time. We, of course, cared a lot about it.”
Ye Eun said, “We made this album for many people to enjoy rather than to win. We’re happy that our ranking is getting higher week by week. But we don’t think we can always top the charts.”

It’s quite unusual that such popular idol groups as Big Bang and Wonder Girls release albums on the same day and time. It’s commented that the rivalry between two groups helped both groups receive wide attention and also promote their albums.

The Wonder Girls will soon hold a flashmob festival under the title of “Let’s dance and enjoy together.” Having attracted many people’s attention with easy choreography, the Wonder Girls will also hold a live concert on July 7.

Anyway, hwaiting for Big Bang!^o^

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