[NEWS] YG Entertainment & Samsung's Cheil Industries to Launch Global Fashion Line! (120628)

| Thursday, June 28

YG Entertainment and Samsung‘s Cheil Industries have joined hands to create a global fashion line. YG CEO Yang Hyuk Suk is reported to have signed a contract with Cheil on June 28th.

There’s a lot of anticipation as the two companies will be combining their “DNA” for a variety of experimental projects. The fashion line is planned for launch in the spring of 2013 and will be targeted towards teens and young adults in their twenties. The new brand is expected to be a new vision of global fashion.
Much like the global popularity of Big Bang and 2NE1, their unique fashion styles have also been a big influence on the fashion industry. It is expected that with their marketing capabilities and Cheil Industries’ business know-how, the two companies will make not only a cultural hallyu, but a brand hallyu.

With artists like JinuSean, 1TYM, Gummy, SE7EN, Big Bang, and 2NE1 always being one step ahead in fashion, YG’s modern culture and Korea’s greatest fashion business’ experience will be launching a fashion brand that will become a leading trend.

Regarding the joint effort, a representative from YG Entertainment commented, "We are looking forward to the numerous new ideas that will be coming out from the union of these two companies. We will not rest with all the developments we’ve made until now, and using our creative strength, we will create a new boom in hallyu that will spread out to not only Asia, but the whole world."
Big Bang hwaiting^o^

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