[PHOTOS] Big Bang on Tokyo Walker Magazine + Interview! (120604)

| Tuesday, June 5

Tokyo Walker: During the time you were singing BLUE, was there a some sort of surprise from the fans?

: Yes. We (BIGBANG) didn’t know about it but it seemed like the fans were preparing a surprise for us. We’re absolutely touched by their gesture.

TOP: It made me really happy too. I thought then, I wanted to do the next concerts right away because I saw the scene first in Nagoya and I wanted to see it again soon.

NOTE: Big Bang on Tokyo Walker Magazine, Vol 11, 2012. On sale from 5th June 2012. We'll be update more photos & Trans interview once available^o^

Source: tokyowalker@FB//Trans: @arcobaleno// kenkajoutou@tmblr//@GD_holics//Via @negimax//soompi 
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