[PHOTOS] Alive Tour in Saitama, Japan D-1 + Fan Account! (120616)

| Sunday, June 17

#BIGBANGALIVETOUR2012 The first BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR in Saitama , Japan ended successfully! We would like to thank everyone who came to the show this evening! We look forward to meeting you again tomorrow!....”
 >>Fan Account
  • Wahh! GD announced by himself his solo album will be out in August! He also worked with Bae on his solo album! XD
  • During MC corner, SR: GD san, do D-Lite's impersonation, can you?! GD: that's a bit difficult~
  • Impersonation in Japanese is MONOMANE, but YB mis-said it as MANEMONO.
  • Daesung and Seungri did new gags, it's called 'atarimae-taiso' (= not surprising exercise, it's famous in TV recently!!)
  • TOP also announced by himself about his new movie. ^^
  • In today's concert also YB told fans to buy 5 albums, and when DAERI tried to stop him, he added, 'buy our goods too!!' XD
  • SR: TOP san, are you haviing fun? TOP: MOCHI!! RO~~~N desu! (mochiron = of course)
  • Everyone did TOP's impersonation. while YB did Seungri's.
  • YB to SR: do Sugi-chan (comedian) impersonation. SR: Sugi-chan not feeling good today. YB: DO IT! SR: he's not feeling good!
  • SR: TOP san is so cool! and handsome! TOP (in japanese) : I know right? (with serious face) 
  • Tabi open up his shirt till the second button during LOVE SONG 8DDD I want to see 8DD
  • & Tabi kissed a fan's hand again :P 
  • when GD tried to impersonating TOP, he tried hard pulling up his pants to make his legs look longer like TOP's. LOL. 
  • omg HAHAHA! The sunglasses that Ri broke were frm chrome hearts and were really exp :P typical Riri kekeke
  • When GD doing TOP's impersonation, TOP covering his mouth with a towel, laughing.
  • After said DAE's voice is 'eroi' <--(jap) (=erotic, can mean sexy too) GD tried singing DAE's part of 'SOUND du wo~~~~~' in Fantastic Baby 
  • GD looked so desperate to reach highest part of Dae's 'SOUND du wo~~~~' XD .Then Seungri told TOP to do it too.. HAHA 
  • HAHA. TOP said something in Korean, then GD went to Seungri, and said 'translate them!' XD
We'll be update more soon!^o^

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