[PHOTOS] Alive Tour in Fukuoka, Japan D-1 + Fan Account! (120623)

| Saturday, June 23

>>Fan Account (by @0401rurutic)
  • HAHA. read fanacc frm Fukuoka concert today that YB is kind to Seungri today. XD
  • at encore, Ri grabbed a fan's board that had a cute panda face on it and continued to hold it happily till the end of the concert.
  • Later TOP tried to make it 15 CDs but Riri stopped him:3 thank god for Riri! Haha
  • Bar did a little skit pretending that BB's future us in the hands of the fans, and encouraged us to buy at least 5 CDs.(cuz BBs members are 5 too lol)
  • Riri had a sore throat today, and his voice was a little raspy;((
  • Dae impersonated a jap comedian "Sugi-chan"
  • Ri and Dae did the "atarimae exercise" today too :D( it's a gag that a jap comedian does. It's considered to be really boring thou LOL) 
  • Big balloons came down from the ceiling today, but Bae accidentally made one burst kekeke after that Dae picked up the pieces of the burst balloon and put them to the side ^___^ awww<3:)) 
  • Jiyongie impersonated Dae by putting a hand to his nose to make it look bigger LOL xD
  • at MC, the members started to impersonate each other and Bae was unbelievably good at Riri's impersonation! 
  • at MC, the members started to impersonate each other and Bae was unbelievably good at Riri's impersonation! 
  • the fanchants for Bae, Dae, Ri's solo went nicely today^^
  • TOP stiffly talked about his movie but he kept being corrected by Ri HAHAHA!
  • BB did a short "ariari gatogato" song^.^ it was really cute:)
  • Riri was told to shut up many times by both Bae and ji today keke poor maknae~ haha^^
  • #Missionblue was a success! XD it was breathtaking<3
  • Riri splashed a bottle of water on the fans
  • jiyong with wet messed up hair was the hottest, sexiest thing I've ever seen. He was totally godly 8D keke
  • Bae ripped a lot of wife beaters off his body (LOL) and them threw them out to the fans
  • Riri did the air guitar during one of the songs:)
  • at encore, Jiyong went off stage and towards the fans. He then kind of leaned into the fans and let them touch his shoulders, head, face...literally everywhere! because of the 5 song encore, Jiyong got tired during the last song Bad boy so he lay down on stage with a towel on his face for quite a long time kekeke:3
  • Apparently GD changed his hair to white color cz he's DAE's fan. :))
  • SR told BB to search for GF, n he looks so serious looking for GD went to fans and see their face one by one.
  • RI asked TOP to hold his hand, 'TOPsan tsuide, tsuide! TOP didn't get what RI want to say.(actually it's tsunaide, not tsuide!)
  • TOP did the 'Atarimae Taiso' gags today. BUT he sang in Korean. GD laughed so much at him.
  • SR: TOP,u drink water too much! TOP : nomitai deshita! (=i wanted to drink,but he makes mistake for past tense should b nomitakatta)
  • RI said he went out and eat alone yesterday. The members didn't follow him cz they said they want to rest. DAE: i didn't know!!
  • RI: i told ya!! i wrote to you using LINE!! DAE: do you even know my number? RI: do u change your number?O.o
  • during Stupid Liar, at Seungri's part, Dae put his hand on RI's back n walk together from the left to right side of stage :D
  • TOP did gags that DaeRi always do, 'wairudo da ze~~' (wairudo = wild) but instead of wairudo, TOP did 'waidoru da ze~~' /what's WAIDORU?XD
  • TOP sang 'Fu.ku.o.ka~' using 'Bbokkigayo~' rhythm. And 'Boom Shakalaka' to 'Fukuoka oka'
  • cz TOP's t-shirt a bit 'see-through' , GD said to him 'you're eroi~ ♡' (eroi = erotic/sexy) TOP embarrassed n running (weirdly) -cont
  • to center stage, and said 'hazukashiiiiii~~~~~~!!! ><' (hazukashi = embarrassed)
  • SR:Oh~ GD san looks cool with new hair style today. GD: Because i'm Daesung's fan. 
  • DAE start to do 'atarimae taiso'. TOP came down to fans area and see Dae doing gags. SR: TOP san why r u there?! TOP: Bcz i'm Daesung's fan! 
We'll be update more soon!^o^

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