[PHOTOS] Alive Tour in Fukuoka, Japan D-2 + Fan Account! (120624)

| Sunday, June 24

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>>Fan Account  (by @0401rurutic)
  • Today is the last day concert for Japan Alive tour! Tonight mission by VIPJ: Mission Blue Thank You project Seungri chant + PAPER AEROPLANE! 
  • GD cried in today's concert?!! O___O GD really shed tears!!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ maybe he was so touched by surprised made by jvips. 
  • LOOOL. TOP's underwear is pink today.. X) 
  • BB had cake for 3rd anniversary in today's concert! 
  • TOP's hair today is BLACK! As usual TOP hugged fans today too~ 
  • kkkk. The hyungs line ate fruits (from the cake) except seungri. 
  • YB cute mistake. He wanted to say Fukuoka, but he said Fukuyama! LOL! 
  • HAHAHA. YB said 'my heart is always at Fukuoka' then, SR: That phrase might trending 1st in Twitter! 
  • TOP n YB tried to take off DAE's shirt! 
  • The paper-plane-mission started during My Heaven. DAE took the paper plane on the stage and threw back to the fans. 
  • During encore FEELING GD n RI stood in a line and jumped 'pyong pyong' in front of camera/ 
  • Seungri told TOP to do MC, TOP was shy, but came forward n said 'am i weird?' and laughed by himself,but the other members didn't laugh! lol 
  • YB did imitation of GD's bbokigayo, GD: looks like drunk! DAE: it's similar but weird! 
  • (TOP's japanese today) TOP to GD: GD san, your japanese improve! lmaooo!XD 
  • Ochorago>Gara Gara Go, after RI finished his solo he went in to change clothes,came back with other 3.but TOP still didn't come out /lol top 
  • GD pat fans head... 
  • The first person to taste anniversary cake is the big hyung, Tabi. 
  • During encore as usual the hyung came down to fans, after that TOP back on to the stage and wanted to tear DAE's shirt off! 
  • SR: TOP,u look younger with black hair! TOP: i'm young! I'm junior school student! SR: junior school?! I like it!! /WHAT DOES THIS MEAN SR? 
  • YG sajangnim was in the concert. SR: our president san, are you enjoying?! *from somewhere* YG: Haiiii~t! /lol 
  • how many times Seungri been told 'urusai' today?) urusai = you're noisy!/shut up! . By TOP 1 x, by GD 2 x, by YB 10+++ x. Lololol, Lastly YB said 'shut up!' to RI in english! lols. 
  • Not just TOP n YB, even GD tried to take off DAE's shirt too. The 3 DAE's fans. XD
  • Seungri sang a lil bit part of GD's new solo song, then GD playfully looked at him with really angry face. 
  • Lucky fans who got to meet BB after concert by bought monster album n won the lotteries, are all got hugged by GD?!!! T T 
  • Concert has just finished.
We'll be update more soon!^o^

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