[PHOTOS] Big Bang @ Alive Tour in Osaka D-4 + Fan Account! (120603)

| Sunday, June 3

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Fan Account
  • Osaka last day concert just ended. Exactly 3 hours! Was awesome!!!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ 
  • Encore for today is Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby and lastly Hands Up. 
  • The fanservices..... TT_____TT OMG!!!! Super extreme. Lemme cry~~~~!!!!! ah. Cried hard alr. 
  • I think fans at the most front line in VIP seats, all got to touch GD, YB and TOP n all three of them!!! TT___TT 
  • During MY HEAVEN, GD came down frm stage running here n there while banging his head, n let fans touch his face. 
  • At the end of MY HEAVEN GD got back to stage, TOP came to a group of the fans that just touched GD's face, n TOP pull them into his big hug! 
  • Then came topless YB running from this side to another side let fans touch his bare body! 
  • during encore Hands Up Seungri climbed up to Bigbang Band stage, and played drum. 
  • GD, TOP, and YB came down frm stage at last 4th song, My Heaven. DAE didn't came down at all. 
  • Cz my eyes was on GD (luckily im at right side, n GD came to my side alot) n suddenly saw stage no RI. Thought he came down frm stage.
  • I was searching RI among the fans, if he finally came down, look up, LoL! He's the one who plays drum!! 
  • At final encore RI finally came down tho.. But just running, not extreme as the 3 hyungs, just splashing water to fans from water bottle. 
  • After playing drum during encore Fantastic Baby, Seungri (at Bigbang Band place up there) thanks Osaka, n said the show is over. Seungri went in behind the curtain, TOP, DAE, and GD on the main stage looked hesitated to go in too.. 
  • GD who was laying on the floor shook his head (didn't want it to be ended) DAE near GD was like 'another one?' and said 'Hands Up!Hands Up' 
  • Hands Up music is on, RI came back and played guitar of Bigbang Band. 
  • GD had long crocodile toy around his neck during Fantastic Baby encore.
  • At the last of the show, music on, Bigbang sang 'Ari Ari gatooo gatooo! Ari Ari gato gatooo!' together, (quite long) TOP was beatboxing, YB at the most front of sub-stage, doing crazy dance,topless as usual while singing ari ari gatoo gatoo~ everyone were so hyped!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ
  • Tabi was really funny!!!! He said something, but many didn't really get it, he jumped like an angry baby n pouted his mouth!(he did it alot)
  • For MC corner in Osaka shows, unlike Nagoya concerts (which everyone doing solo dance) this time they did solo 'enka' or trot style songs.
We'll be update more soon!^o^

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