[AUDIO] PSY's "Tree Frog" feat G-Dragon + English Lyrics! (120714)

| Sunday, July 15

[AUDIO] Psy's Tree Frog feat G-Dragon!

(Only GD's part)

croak croak frog are croaking loudly.
Tree frog, 2 frogs are singing.
I’m choked. Everything I tell you not to do.
You only choose that kind of things to do.
Do you know me who were devastated because of indifference?

You don’t know.
whatever you think. I do my own thing.
I’m dork. I’m not self-conscious.
Whatever people say, I’m doing on my own way.
You’ll see, who will do better at the end.
You will be shamed, you will be envy.
You will like me.
It’s not being wrong. it’s just difference.
If it’s a problem, I’m problem child. 
Wow the song is really cool and the lyrics as well...The song is available on itunes ! Enjoy!^o^

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