[VIDEO/MISC] Preview of BIGBANG for 'A-Nation' Music Festival! (120819)

| Sunday, August 19

A-Nation is a yearly music festival organized by Avex featuring its most popular artists. The format for this year’s festival includes a “Music Week” from August 3 to 12 at the Yoyogi Gymnasium and a “Stadium Fes” from August 18 to 19 at the Nagai Stadium in Osaka and August 25 to 26 at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo.

BIGBANG is scheduled to perform on the 26th in Tokyo. Other South Korean artists participating in the “Stadium Fes” event are Tohoshinki (Aug 19 & 25), Super Junior (Aug 25) and U-Kiss (Aug 26). For “Music Week”, K-pop groups confirmed to attend so far are 2NE1 (Aug 3), U-Kiss, Shu-I and A-jax (Aug 9). Check out 
“BIGBANG - Summer Goods” below:~

YGEX “BIGBANG - Summer Goods”

Goods will be started to be sold on mu-mo shop at 4PM on August 3rd.

Goods will also be sold at “
A-Nation” on August 19th at Nagai Stadium, Osaka.

Source:  @ygex//amebaofficialchannel@YT


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