[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: "BIGBANG in Shanghai"! (120721)

| Sunday, July 22
Today is officially the first live show in China! I wonder what is the response of everyone? I played football video games with T.O.P-kun before concert started, I won by 3-1!!

T.O.P said angrily:"You are a singer but why you are so good at playing games? Quit Bigbang, and be a professional video gamer instead"
T.O.P is so cute! ke ai! Ke ai means cute in Chinese. 

I said "ke ai" during the MC part in Shanghai con tonight, fans gave good comment cuz they thought it's hilarious! I wanted to speak more, but I am very poor in Chinese... I'm frustrated! T.T

I wanted to talk more interesting things! Even if it's not interesting but it's okay.... Am I really becoming a comedian?It's alright, I'm fine with either one. 
Anyway, I am contented when I see everyone is happy! ^_^ (I am very happy too)

I am leaving lonely T.T
Although I feel like to know more about China but I have to go back to Japan tomorrow. My Aji (Seungri's doll dog) and the Dalmatian couple in my apartment are waiting for me!

I have no choice, I don't have time, I'm so sorry...
Shanghai zai jian (bye bye)...

Bigbang has worked hard too, good job! See you next week! Good Night!

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