[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: “Christiano Seungnaldo”! (120722)

| Monday, July 23

“Christiano Seungnaldo ” 

I’ve come back to Japan from China!
How are you guys?? I missed you so much (^-^)/
I was supposed to take the night flight, but suddenly changed it to the morning flight!
It’s because I had a plan to play football at night.

Yesterday, I played football game with TOP-kun, so I feel like wanted to play football too. Then, I contacted my friends and decided to play football!
Yes! I’m this kind of person!
I’m really impatient, so if I think of doing something, I’ll do it right away.
Can’t help it, please understand me.
The rain was falling gently but I don’t mind since I love football.

It’s okay even if I’m getting wet!!!
*I dont need it!! Rain is no good! What is this?!!
(Currently, Seung chan is practicing *Kansai dialect before the Yoshimoto Shinkigeki show..)

My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. The reason is because he has a very good performance during the match and he’s skillful.
He’s making the football field as his stage.
The other reason is because he has been dating many cute girls. This really made me envious of him. I’ve never had any scandal even once.. so I respect him.

Today, at the field, there are some people that I don’t know. But we were having fun playing with a small ball, and we immediately became friends. Football is indeed awesome.
For today, I’ll stop here since my game is about to start soon! Please cheer for my victory!!

Stay with us for more updates!^^
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