[PHOTOS] Seungri's Diary Update: I'm Yoshimoto Seung-chan! Nice to meet you! (120725)

| Thursday, July 26

I’m Yoshimoto’s Seung chan! Nice to meet you!

Today is the day of my appearance on Yoshimoto Shinkigeki!
I’m nervous!
Last night, I had a practice session with other co-stars until 3am, so I think we can do it! Definitely I can do it!

I’m not really good since this is my first time performing comedy on stage. But everyone from Yoshimoto often came to talk to me and praised me while giving some advices^^

It’s fun! fun!
I never thought that this kind of fun world (comedy world) is even exists!!
My appearance on Yoshimoto Shinkigeki had became a great thing because there were many tv show’s cameras came to make coverage.

For the first time in my life, I got to be in the limelight like this. Cool..
During the performance, I waited for my turn at the backstage while my heart pounding so hard.. It’s been awhile I haven’t feel this nervous..

Finally! It’s VI’s moment to be on stage!! I was so surprised that the fans reaction was so great! The reaction was much better from the BIGBANG’s live. Even made me forgot my lines and I had to spoke with my adlib 100% T.T

Reactions from all of you were so great that I felt sorry to everyone from Yoshimoto. I’m happy that all of fans came to give support to me but I felt disappointed for not be able to perform well what I had practiced before.

But I really had a great time! It felt like I went to a new different world! I think this has become a nice gift to all fans in Kansai area. As expected, Kansai fans are really passionate and really high-spirited!!

You guys are so energetic that’s why I like Osaka!* Please look forward for Yoshimoto Shinkigeki! I’m going to record the show when it goes on air and then show it to other BIGBANG’s members!^^ This going to be fun!

Please look forward for July 29!(^-^)/ You guys should really watch it!! Also, please check at midnight 1:40am, Fuji TV’s Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke Special with Takei Emi chan!! Thank you Kansai^_^

See photos of Seungri with the other from Yoshimoto:

Stay with us for more updates!^^
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