[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update! (120712)

| Thursday, July 12

Title: I can do anything

Today, I had a shooting for a show in Fukuoka.
The MC, Oka-san and Miko-chan is the master of mischievous.
So, I'm in trouble. But, because of that I experienced so many thing in Fukuoka.

I went to the most crowded town, Tenjin, then Fukuoka Tower, Uminonakamichi (a marine world) and then went to eat Ichiran ramen.
It was so delicious.

The time was short, I get to be close with all the staff, Oka-san and Miko-chan. I was so sad to say bye bye.

But there's nothing I can do. Tomorrow I have to go to Sendai. Really, thanks for everything Fukuoka!!
I had so much fun!! 

Seungri is working so hard recently! Take care!

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