[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] BIGBANG Japan Fanclub Event 2012 "FANTASTIC BABYS" in Kobe! (120701)

| Thursday, July 5

>> Seungri's Fancam
>>G-Dragon's Fancam 

Seungri as kindergarten student @ Kobe fan meeting ^^ 

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Fan Account!>> 
  • They played 3 games
  • Youngbae sang 'Jiyong song'. (Jiyong~~~~! Jiyong~~~~~!)
  • BB played table tennis.
  • Then it was Pingpong competition:Dae VS Bae, Bae won;GD VS VI, VI won and Bae is the final winner! =]
  • after YB won the match, he wanted to sign on a T-shirt. Then comes GD, n hold the T-shirt for YB..
  • SR asked GD, how's the fan event today?. then GD dropped his mic.
  • after GD dropped his mic,(i dont know how to explain how he took the mic), fans screamed, SR: that's disgusting/gross/pretty sick!
  • GD said he went to Pari (Paris). Seungri misheard, Pari as Party. and scolded him 'you went PARTY alot?? D: '
  • BB had drawing session. only YB lying on floor, and drawing.
  • They did contest to draw TOP's portrait XD 
  • TOP made a vid comment in Korean saying he's going to action school for movie preparation.
  •  Seungri said he's going to start a blog soon!!
  •  They sing 6 songs!! 
  • First game was the quiz to guess Big Bang's songs by listening to the intro
  • who lost in the match has to wear a weird sunglasses which has a nose? DAE RI had to wear it DAE:my nose is big.. (slow) 
  • SR said he went to Okinawa,but nobody recognized him there. then YB: that's the difference between SR n me! (YB went there b4 too)
  • V.I also used baby voice to ask GD:" buy me chrome hearts" the kindergarten uniform was thrown to fans after
  • V.I lost in guessing game and his punishment: transform into a kindergaten kid!
  • during drawing game, YB said TOP looks like dino so he drew it. fans said it looks like croc. V.I said he's never seen that creature b4
  • RI wore a funny 'nose spectacle' then GD took spectacle of MC, and put it on DAE. n said 'O? spectacle nose!' (he's teasing dae's big nose)
  • GD said in French "bounjour"(hello) and "je t'aime"(i love you)  
  • When VI said he would like to go travelling in Yokohama, Dae wanted to talk to the MC, but they nearly boboed each other;p

Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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