[PHOTOS] Seungri's Diary: "House Moving Party"! (120715)

| Sunday, July 15

I moved to the apartment! It's so nice.. I've seriously been living in the hotel until now so I was very happy when I moved to the apartment T_T Well then, I’m going to start introducing Seung-chan’s family members. First, we have these 2!!!

The dalmatian couple! Well, I don’t really know if these 2 kids are dating or not but don’t they have a really good relationship with each other? I had that thought so I bought them, isn’t that cute? They were only these 2 doggies left in the interior design store so if I only bought one and not the other, the one that was left behind would feel lonely…and so I bought them as a couple! Moving on, it’s this one!

I brought this kid from Korea, and I went through a lot of trouble because of him. Everyone at the airport was shocked because they all thought it was real hahahaha. I also took this kid on the airplane. His muscles are so well-defined, very cool! And then, let’s take a look at this side!

I have a little animal zoo next to my bed! When I’m sound asleep, these different types of animals will protect me! ^^ I don’t feel lonely because I have these kids here with me! ^^ Okay, good night everyone (^-^)/
What a cute family ^^ Stay with us for more updates!

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