[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update! "Osakasaka Love" (120717)

| Wednesday, July 18

Here is Osaka.
Osaka is indeed hot
Temperature for today is 34℃
Kansai is really hot!
That’s why I like it!!

How's everyone doing?
Not bad right?
It’s a so so!!!**

Today, after been awhile I went to walk at Dotonbori
But unexpectedly, many people recognized me.. I was surprised.

And also, I made a live appearance for Hapikuru show!
The MC, TKO’s Kimoto-san introduced me to the most delicious hamburger restaurant in Osaka!
He said to me, if I want to eat anything just tell him so! I’m happy!

Next is Yoshimoto*** Shinkigeki!
It’s has become a really great thing in Kansai Area!
Awesome (^-^)/

After the announcement Seung-chan will make appearance,
The tickets were sold out in just 5 minutes!

I will try my best!
I want to see everyone’s smiles (^-^)/
And, I’m looking forward for it!!

So, please check the different side of Seung-chan! (^-^)/

(*He used Kansai dialect here. Dakara suki ya nen)
(**phrases that is used among the sellers in Osaka)
(***Seungri misspelled Yoshimoto as Yoshimito hehe cute!)

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