[PHOTOS] G-Dragon's Twitter Update: 2nd Album Meeting! (120719)

| Thursday, July 19

@IBGDRGN20th July Harper's BAZAAR 16th anniversary special August issue. Hope you'll see it a lot. I will buy it too
@IBGDRGN : GD 2nd album meeting / Hong&Gee, hoot

>Previously, GD conversation with Ji Sung Min & Lee Jae Wook below:~

@Jsmining: Today I did a body scrub as good as a
shower^^ It's rather very refreshing, heh.

@IBGDRGN: @Jsmining You just won't understand until you
actually get hurt more (scrub even harder until you get
hurt), now will you? GO! Extreme!

@Jsmining: @IBGDRGN You little rascal, how did you wait
this long (to verbally harass me) with your itchy
mouth^^ When I recover, it'll be your turn to get hurt heheh

@IBGDRGN: @Jsmining I'm going to cover myself in
protective armor. Has your excitement gone done now?

@Jsmining: @IBGDRGN Not yet ㅠㅜ please take some morphine for me at the concert by the day after tmr ^^ I'm planning to look for painkiller during concert like someone didㅎㅎㅎ"     

@IBGDRGN: @Jsmining This hyung is crazy

OMG!!! I'm so looking forward to GD's 2nd solo album! Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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