[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Seungri on Kansai TV “Happy Kuru” (120717)

| Tuesday, July 17
Seungri with Kimoto Takehiro (Host in KTV“Hapikuru”) 
Seungri with Sugimoto Natsumi  (Host in KTV“Hapikuru”)
Today, Seungri came to the studio of “Hapikuru”. He came during CM, posed and pulled artificial flowers of the set out of the vase. (laugh)
I greatly appreciate his perfect gesture towards camera.
His jacket was wonderful.

During Alive Tour in Osaka, I heard him saying his plan to stay in Japan during summer, and I said to him, “When you come to Osaka, please come to our program.” Having schedules around, he still came. “I’ve promised to come,” the handsome Seungri said.

He was so friendly to everyone including our staffs, moreover, he spoke Japanese fluently.
Even it was so, at the back stage, with us and surrounded by the staffs, he was still the same as the ‘him’ on the stage, with very free atmosphere, it was fascinating.
And, he is just a polite good-young-man.

Because of the appearance at part of the ending, everyone seemed to have wanted to see (him) even more.
Because of that, he said, “Next time, it will be longer.”

>Watch Seungri on Kansai TV “Happy Kuru” below:~

We'll be update the subbed soon, Enjoy!^^~

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