[NEWS] 2012 M Countdown: From SNSD & Big Bang to Dynamic Duo & Nell! (120816)

| Thursday, August 16

Mnet M Countdown has been airing since July 2004, and the long-running show recently hit its 300th episode mid-August 2012.

It has been 8 years since it first launched, and it is currently the only show on TV which is a chart-based music show.

As we are now officially more than halfway through the whole year of 2012, we looked back on the idols who defined K-Pop and M Countdown in the first half of 2012.

Big Bang, Taetiseo, Infinite, Super Junior: Idol Groups Reign the Korean Music Scene

In total, there are six idol groups who won Triple Crowns while performing on M Countdown. All six groups represent Korean pop music and are great in the sense that they help spread hallyu through music.

First and foremost, there was Big Bang, who came to perform at M Countdown and won the Triple Crown award. Soon after, Super Junior came back with Sexy, Free and Single and also won first place three weeks in a row.

Unit groups such as Trouble Maker and Taetiseo also proved to the fans that they were able to adapt to different situations and still impress.

4Minute’s Hyuna and B2ST’s Hyun Seung, Cube labelmates, came onto the M Countdown stage to perform Trouble Maker, the title song of their first album together. The song was an instant hit, and it also helped the duo win the Triple Crown.

SNSD’s trio of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, known as Taetiseo, hit the jackpot with its first debut stage on M Countdown , and immediately went on from then to win Triple Crown.

Girl group f(x) also won their Triple Crown with ‘Electric Shock’, and rookie group Infinite won their first award and first Triple Crown with their 3rd mini album’s title song Chaser, sending all the members into tears while still on stage.

All these groups’ success proves that the K-Pop industry is still in love with idols and group music.

Rock, Hip Hop and Ballads: Fans Start to Embrace Fresh Sounds

But that didn’t prevent M Countdown embracing and promoting also different genres of music.

This year, the show also promoted artists who came with fresh new sounds, such as ballads, modern rock and even hip hop. Busker Busker, Kim Dong Ryul, John Park, Dynamic Duo and more, all not idols but talented and successful musicians in their own genre, held top places on the M Countdown charts.

With different genres and musicians and performances shown through M Countdown, fans of K-Pop all over the world will be able to witness the changes in Korean music and enjoy all that will occur on M Countdown in the next half of the year.

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