[NEWS] Actress Min Hyo Lyn confesses her feelings towards Big Bang’s T.O.P! (120803)

| Friday, August 3
Actress Min Hyo Lyn revealed her affection toward’s Big Bang’s T.O.P.
On the episode of SBS Power FM’s Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School, which aired on August 3 at 4:00 p.m, Min chose T.O.P as the actor she wants to work with. The reason was his shining eyes.
Previously on Escape Cult Show At Two O’clock, she confessed her feelings towards her. She attracted attention at that time because she chose T.O.P as the actor she wants to work with even when she appeared on the show with Park Jin Young as guests.
This day, Min showed off her fresh charms. She received fervent response from the viewers by acting cute and speaking Daegu dialect.
Netizens who listened to the radio revealed, “You two look good together.” “I can feel how embarrassed Min Hyo Lyn is.” “I want to see you act together.”
Min Hyo Lyn starred in the movie, Gone With The Wind, which will premiere on August 8.

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Source: Starsnews via KOREA.COM
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