[NEWS] Big Bang’s Concert Tickets in Indonesia and Malaysia Sold Well! (120811)

| Saturday, August 11
Thousands of Big Bang’s fans are counting the days away before they get to meet their favorite K-Pop group this October. The tickets sold very well in both Indonesia and Malaysia.

All the tickets are sold out in just 30 minutes when its counter was open last June in Indonesia. In the meanwhile, 3,500 fans queue up at the ticket counter as soon as it opened at Fahreinheit88 on Bukit Bintang (Star Hill) road, Kuala Lumpur on 28 July. It was reported that 95% of the tickets out of 12,000 seats had been sold out by 6 p.m.

Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon was deeply touched by their fans’ communities when they remind each other using Facebook and Twitter about the tickets sales.

” It was amazing to see that lots of fans in any age group and any race queue up while helping each other out when the ticket sales was going on,” says G-Dragon.

He added ” This also proves that music is a universal language which unites people from all backgrounds. I am sure that our latest concert will be satisfying.”

So, V.I.Ps, let us all attend their concert and cheer for them, shall we?
I believe that Big Bang's concert tickets in other countries also sold well right? VIPs are amazing! VIPs hwaiting! Bigbang hwaiting! Stay with us for more updates!^^

Source: via Harian Metro
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