[NEWS] G-Dragon to release censored MV of "That XX" (120831)

| Friday, August 31

After voluntarily restricting his newest single That XX to Rated-R, Big Bang’s G-Dragon will be releasing a censored version of the same song for the music video. 

On August 31, YG Entertainment stated, “We decided to solve the problems in the lyrics of That XX with censored beeps.” 

The new version with censorship, solely created for the music video, will allow the audience of 15 and older to watch the anticipated footage. 

The song, however, will be released in the music market as is with the 19 (18 International age) and older rating, since changing the song lyrics affects the artist’s creative license. 

G-Dragon’s upcoming solo album has been gaining much attention, not just for its unique style and rated-R songs, but also the way it is being released. 

G-Dragon unveiled the music video for One of a Kind on August 25, but has not released the track anywhere. With YG Entertainment known for its unique ways of promotions, people are looking on to see what new styles G-Dragon’s comeback will bring. 

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment unveiled one of its trainees, Jennie Kim, who will also be starring in G-Dragon’s new music video. Her practice video of charismatic rapping was also censored out due to profanities. G-Dragon’s new single That XX will be released on September 1.

Who's ready for the release of "That XX"? The music video would be released at 12amKST! For those who have twitter remember to join fellow VIPs trending #GDTHATXX when the music video is release! 
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