[NEWS] ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Kim Jung Nan Loves SHINee’s Onew and Big Bang’s G-Dragon! (120823)

| Thursday, August 23

A few minutes after she received a heartfelt and beautiful serenade from CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun, Kim Jung Nan of SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity bashfully confessed that she loves SHINee’s Onew and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. 

Appearing on the August 22 broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Kim Jung Nan was met by Lee Jong Hyun as a surprise guest. Kim Jung Nan had endless compliments for Lee Jong Hyun, and as a reply, he serenaded her with Juniel’s Illa Illa. 

However, soon after, Kim Jung Nan revealed that her favorite idols are actually Onew and G-Dragon. “My cat’s name is even SHINee.” Kim Jung Nan then went on to share that she told Lee Jong Hyun that she liked Onew. “Jong Hyun then asked me if I wanted to talk to him and Jong Hyun called Onew up!” said Kim Jung Nan. “But unfortunately, he didn’t pick up.” Kim Jung Nan and Lee Jong Hyun acted together in A Gentleman’s Dignity which recently ended. 

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