[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seungchan, the Dark Knight! (120806)

| Tuesday, August 7

Recently, I've been traveling back and forth to many countries just like Batman and it's really cool! I'm working really hard.

Today's guest for Sakigake Music Ranking show is Flo Rida from America!!! So awesome^__^ I'm really happy that a big guest like him came to Seung-chan's show. It was my first time doing an outdoor shoot and it was raining, but Flo Rida tried his best!
Our languages are different but it was okay! We had fun T__T But I have no choice, I have to learn English... After this, other famous artists like Flo will probably come too. I have to work harder! Let's do our best!
Also, it's been decided that Seung-chan will hold a fan event! Nice.. This is a first in my life! Although I'm alone, I'm sure fans in Korea will get mad. They'll get jealous.. I feel sorry T__T It can't be helped, don't have time, I'm sorry. (rhyming in Japanese)
It feels like I have girlfriends both in Japan and Korea. I'm such a playboy (Laugh) But I can't do anything!!! Since, it has been decided already, I'll work hard! I'll prepare so it will be a fun event! Please look forward to it!
I'm going eat Yakiniku (grilled/barbecue meat)! Have to focus so bye bye!!!
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