[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seungchan who has nice smell! (120807)

| Wednesday, August 8

Seung-chan who has nice smell

Today, I had a recording for Sakigake Music Ranking show!
And today’s guest is PERFUME!!

Nocchi-chan is my friend but it’s been awhile we haven’t met..!
Great! We had the recording in the management office but they were really fashionable! It’s awesome!
Perfume members just went along with all my reckless jokes too! Thank you(^-^)/
It seems like Perfume will start their Asia Tour soon. They’re famous indeed~~~

I also gave my best for today! Nice work Seung-chan!

Perfume group (Nocchi is the one on the left)

NOTE: The Sakigake episode where Seungri interviews Perfume will be broadcast next week on FujiTV(15th of August)

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