[NEWS] Teen Top’s Changjo & Ricky talks about BIGBANG on Elle Girl Magazine! (120823)

| Thursday, August 23

Teen Top’s Changjo @ Elle Girl Magazine Interview!

Is there a new style of music that you’d like to try?
Changjo: “A song with a woman that tells a story like a musical like Big Bang Taeyang sunbae-nim did.”

There are a lot of members of Teen Top who like Big Bang, right?
Changjo: “We like them a lot. If you asked us to pick a senior artist that we really admire, most of us would pick Big Bang. Before we shoot a music video, we try to immitate the gestures and expressions that they do. The angles that Taeyang sunbae-nim makes while dancing, and even the way he moves his mouth while wearing sunglasses.”

What do have a big interest in these days?
Changjo: “Skateboarding. We saw the dancer hyungs riding them and it looked fun so we started to also. This is one thing we didn’t copy Big Bang at. Don’t misunderstand (laughs).”

Teen Top’s Ricky @ Elle Girl Magazine Interview!

You are a fan of Big Bang too, right?

Ricky: “Yes, I watch a lot of T.O.P sunbae-nim’s stuff (acting). There is an expression he makes while closing his eyes and it’s really handsome, so I saved the picture on my iPad. He is handsome and good at everything.”
Great to know that they praised BIGBANG^^

Source: ELLEGirl//Translated by: bosung@tumblr


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