[PHOTO/TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update! (120830)

| Friday, August 31

[Seung-Chan’s diary trans]
(idk how to trans the part about the show he was on sorry)

Having being alone in Japan, working hard and being able to stand on the same stage and be in programs with the people I admire, I’m really happy..

From the start till now, I’ve made a lot of friends… and also artistes that I really like… and I still want to go on a lot of shows…


my schedules in Japan are ending… recently while thinking about this, I felt sad, I can’t sleep..

when it all ends, it’s going to be tough, I can’t imagine it.

However, the time is fixed…

I felt a little lonely… have to say goodbye as planned…

Everyone worked hard today…

>>>NOTE from translator: This is just a rough trans from chinese to english and I’m sorry if it’s not accurate but the points are there!!

Seungri hwaiting! Stay with us for more updates!^^

Source: 熊抱babypanda @ 李胜贤吧//Trans by @realjiyong
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